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The TV in your room offers these free-to-air digital TV (and radio) channels-


002 ABC
003 SBS1
005 NINE Orange
006 PRIME7
008 WIN Orange
021 ABC
023 ABC ME
030 SBS1 HD
033 Food Network
034 NITV
050 9HD Orange
051 Nine Orange
052 9Gem
053 9Go!


054 9Life
056 Aspire
060 PRIME7 Orange
061 PRIME7 Orange
062 7TWO Orange
063 7Mate Orange
065 ishoptv
080 WIN Orange HD
081 ONE Orange
082 ELEVEN Orange
083 WIN NETWORK station information
084 TVSN
086 ONE Orange
088 WIN Orange


037 SBS Radio 1
038 SBS Radio 2
039 SBS Radio 3
200 Double J
201 ABC Jazz

All rooms have been fitted with new TCL HD Smart TVs. Those smart TVs give you access to all the free-to-air digital channels, plus the following services among others –

  • Netflix – using your own Netflix account, you can watch TV episodes & movies streamed from the Internet direct to your room TV.
  • Youtube – the world’s most popular online video-sharing site. Log on to see your videos.
  • GoLive TV 2.0 – GoLive is an international video entertainment platform that delivers a diverse selection of content from all over the world.
  • HD USB Media Player – the TV has (at back, left side) a USB socket that enables you to view photos, listen to music or watch videos stored on a USB storage device.
  • Opera Web Browser – through which you can access the internet, including streaming video services with which you have accounts.

To use these services, press the Smart TV button on your remote control, and then click on the MultiMedia option on your screen. You can go direct to Netflix (and in some rooms YouTube also) by pressing the Netflix (or, if available, YouTube) button on your TV remote.

Each Smart TV is already connected to a dedicated NBN WiFi network. Please DO NOT change the Preferences settings, or you may inadvertently lose WiFi access.

NOTE PLEASE, the before you check out you should make sure that you have LOGGED OUT from your Netflix or YouTube account, or any other online service that you have accessed via your Smart TV. If you do not, the next occupant of your room may be able to access your account.